Judge Mark Frankel

About Judge Mark Frankel

Frankel would spend the next 20 years on the bench, becoming known throughout Wisconsin as the state's most forward-thinking judge. His stellar reputation was built on several ground-breaking firsts, both inside the courtroom and in the strategies that were applied to the resolution of various cases. Mark was known for providing litigants with the opportunity to resolve lesser disputes without the need or cost of formal court litigation. At the time, judicial mediation was not a very common or well-known concept in Wisconsin. Mark was known for allowing litigants and empowering them with the opportunity to do so. People who wished to save their money and their peace of mind were able to settle their differences with each other in a more casual setting as a result of this, without having their business brought to the attention of the more general public.

Mark Frankel, who is notable for having been responsible for developing sentencing guidelines for operating under the influence cases statewide in Wisconsin, did so after a comprehensive analysis of the laws revealed that it was unfair and unjust to sentence everyone in the same way as certain acts of drunk-driving were more aggravated than others. Frankel's work can be attributed to the fact that a comprehensive analysis of the laws revealed that it was unfair and unjust to sentence everyone in the same way.

Mark was invited to join the faculty of the Wisconsin Judicial College after he gained a reputation for being innovative both within and outside of the courtroom. There, he would go on to teach judges throughout the state of Wisconsin the various rules of court conduct and proceedings. His singular perspective encompassed not only the teaching of the law but also the instruction of others on how to recognize subconscious indications and other subtle nuances that can discredit what on the surface appears to be an honest statement. Because he believed that these were (and still are) under-utilized methods that are just as effective as a formal court proceeding for cases that may not necessarily benefit from a more expensive or laborious process, he concentrated his efforts on promoting mediation and arbitration. He did this because he believed that these were (and still are) under-utilized methods that are just as effective as a formal court proceeding.

In acknowledgment of his continuous support and mentorship of both the judicial and legal communities, Mark Frankel was also designated Assistant Dean of the Wisconsin Judicial College. This honor was bestowed on Mark Frankel. After that, Frankel would go on to become one of the creators of the Wisconsin Benchbook, which is widely regarded as the most comprehensive resource manual available to judges in the state of Wisconsin.

It should come as no surprise that his creative materials, publications, and ceaseless work were recognized outside of the state. It was proposed to him that he become an instructor in advanced evidence at the National Judicial College, which is located in Reno, Nevada. Judges from all across the country would be his students. He would instruct them in strategies that would provide them with a one-of-a-kind understanding of one of the most important responsibilities of judges in the courtroom, namely the interpretation and admission of evidence.

Mark had been with Madison Gas & Electric for the previous 20 years when he was promoted to the position of Vice President and General Counsel. He caconcludedto the conclusion that he wanted to maintain his emphasis on litigation, mediation, and arbitration, and as a result, in 2001, he became a partner at the legal firm of Godfrey and Kahn S.C., where he built a thriving practice that was centered on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services. It was in this location that he expanded his portfolio of corporate law work.

In 2007, after reflecting on his expertise in small firm negotiations, large/corporate lawsuits, and his 20 years of accomplishment as a Judge, he decided to become the Lead Attorney of his solo business, which is now known as Frankel ADR, LLC. His areas of expertise include the use of mediation, arbitration, and other alternative ways for the resolution of conflicts in a variety of areas involving civil and family law.

Mark Frankel also continues to write a wide variety of legal publications. One of his most notable accomplishments is improving the clarity of certain aspects of the alternative dispute resolution procedure in Wisconsin.


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